Light up your South Carolina landscape for beautiful night views

Eco-friendly Landscaping Lighting

Low-voltage landscape lighting systems are safe, economical and energy efficient and provide numerous benefits for homeowners. Lighting can be used to provide safe access near paths, drives and entry areas as well as for overall security, and the beauty of gardens and homes can be enhanced by showcasing architectural and plant features with dramatic lighting techniques. These cost-effective lighting systems use a transformer to reduce your normal household current to a 12-volt flow. Timers and motion detectors can be installed with the system to automatically turn the lights on and off. Simple wiring connects small lights that can be set along a path or into a flowerbed or garden setting.

The practical and aesthetic effects created by landscape lighting are limited only by the existing features of the architecture and by the creativity of the designer. Explore the latest in outdoor lighting options from Carolyn's, where landscape lighting is an art form!