mole control

Moles can cause serious damage to your lawn. Our Mole Eradication Program can help

What is carolyn's landscaping mole control

Have you noticed tunnels in your lawn or soil pushed up along your drive, patio or sidewalk? These tunnels are burrowed by moles and sometimes voles. Without eradication of the varmints, your problem will only accelerate to the point that you may experience plant and turf loss, as well as end up with the most horrible-looking yard on the block. Once plant roots become separated from soil contact those roots die, causing your plant/turf to die back.

Moles are single-dwelling creatures by nature, but every year in the late winter/spring they go on a mission to find a mate. They can produce up to six offspring per year. One mole can dig one hundred feet of tunnels in a day; imagine how much damage could be done to your property once it becomes a “mole hotel”!

Carolyn’s Mole Eradication Program

A five-ounce mole will consume 45-50 pounds of worms and insects each year. The most common myth about mole control is that if you eliminate the food source through aggressive applications of insecticide it will eliminate your problem. Unfortunately, while less available food can discourage mole presence and cause them to temporarily leave, ultimately they will return.

Carolyn’s Landscaping would like to introduce you to “Carolyn’s Mole Eradication Program”. With a one-time setup fee and a small monthly monitoring cost, you can be rid of the moles now calling your yard home and not have to worry about them returning. Please call Joe B. at 843-681-5990 x 229 or complete the contact form for more information and pricing.